My Worries

Let’s be honest, something like this would make even the most gullible person in the world think twice. I will say I am a very intelligent individual and I do not do something unless there’s a good reason to do it. 

“Hmph, you think YOU’RE smart, how’s THIS for smart!”

You’re right, I can’t compete with that.

When my friend told me he was thinking about becoming a subscriber and earning money on ZeekRewards I immediately thought of Amway, Quixtar, Excel, and others I had heard about over the years. I knew a lot of people that had gotten involved with companies such as those and none of them were ever successful in the end. Sure, they would have all sorts of good things to say about their respective companies, but eventually they wouldn’t be doing it anymore. 

So if they were in it and it was great, why aren’t they doing it now? Some had legit reasons that didn’t have to do with the companies and others just found out the hard way that stuff like this never works. Any “business opportunity” that you have to pay to become affiliated with, in my opinion, was a bad idea. There were a few things I knew that all of the companies I’d heard about had in common.

  1. Every successful person in each organization was a bonafide salesman/woman.
  2. Every organization had an initial start up cost which was usually not out of reach, but still quite a bit of money to invest in something you had no idea would work.
  3. None of the people I knew or had met could prove to me that the amount of money they said they were making was actually the REAL amount of money they were making.
  4. Those 3 things alone made me shut my ears to anyone who ever told me about a “business opportunity” that was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.
So I never had any intention of getting involved with anything that even remotely resembled one of those companies.
And then my friend told me about ZeekRewards.
Sure, it sounded exactly like every other company I had heard about and I’ll be honest, I still have my doubts. Those same doubts are why this website is here. I figure if it really is a scam I can show that’s a scam on here to anyone who visits. 
And I figure if it’s real and everything they say is true, I have the proof right here!

As you’ll notice on the menu bar there are other options to pick. Concentrate on “My P&L” and “Is It Worth It?”. I’ll be updating these pages, along with others, as I get deeper into the mystery that is ZeekRewards. In both of these sections I’ll be going into detail about whether or not this is legit or just another fly by night company. Here today, gone tomorrow, and all of your money is gone….

“Let em try! I pity the fool!”


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